Ballot on Pay 8th - 22nd September

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The HCSA delegation is this week taking an active part at the TUC congress which is well underway and it’s rather apt that the debate on Fair Pay is happening right now – just as HCSA members are receiving their ballot papers through the post.

We’re asking you to vote yes to industrial action. Why are we asking you to vote yes? We know that if we don’t stop the real terms cuts to pay now, the Government will keep coming back for more. We know that you are angry and frustrated by the Government's decision not to honour the DDRB’s independent recommendations and, we know that you want to support your NHS colleagues who are also suffering as a result of these real term pay cuts.

Coordinated industrial action on pay was the subject of some debate this morning, with Unite, Unison and other unions putting forward arguments that you have fed back to us on numerous occasions. So we know that the sentiments you feel are felt right across the public sector workforce.

We know that you are working harder than ever to meet increasing demands, and cope with underfunding. We know that morale is on a downward spiral, motivation is waning and many doctors are feeling stressed and undervalued.

Refusing to implement the DDRB recommendations on NHS pay is just one step too far.

Clearly, now is the time for us to join with other NHS workers and take action to change the Government's approach to pay, not just for ourselves but for all NHS workers.



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