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Today the 5th June, NHS workers across the board will be campaigning for more investment in a quality workforce. Under the umbrella of the TUC "All Together for the NHS," unions and professional bodies will join forces to send this clear message to Government. The HCSA will be supporting this campaign wholeheartedly. We know that the NHS is underfunded at a time when demand is rising. Yet as usual it is the staff that has to bear the brunt.

Five years of pay restraint, morale at rock bottom, and the recent responses to our president's letter show that our members are frustrated and angry at what they see happening around them.

A national health service, by its very nature, has the ability to recruit and train the brightest and best workforce. The responsibility to retain and improve this workforce extends to giving a fair deal on pay – and not simply brushing aside the recommendations of the independent pay review panels.

Our NHS Staff deserve to be valued, respected, and properly rewarded for their dedication, hard work and excellence.

The public deserves a quality NHS with staff that are well motivated and rewarded for the vital work they do, and one that has enough staff to ensure patients are safe.

The worry is that the longer this chipping away continues, ever closer comes the time when staff will vote with their feet or lose the good will to continue providing the many extra hours of free staff time on which the NHS depends.

All Together For The NHS 2014 Giant Cheque

So I do hope members will support the campaign today and in the future, as more events are planned in the coming months. You can find out more on the All Together for the NHS website. 


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