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Welcome to our brand new HCSA website. A new and fresh site that aims to stimulate debate, be a resource for up to date information, encourage those in the healthcare world to visit, but most of all engage with our members, potential members and our hospital representatives.

We are moving forward, with ambition and purpose, much like our members did many years ago to achieve influence and presence. I am also pleased to see that our membership has been steadily rising for the past few months; we have grown our staff and are determined to make a difference for the members we currently represent and those that are joining our ranks.

I recently observed a course run by the Medical Protection Society for future consultants, where one of our officers was speaking about the need to be aware of your rights at work. It was an amazing sight to see nearly all of those consultants in waiting queuing up to give us their email address and wanting more information about our union and what we can offer them - both as specialists in training and once they get their first consultant post. My instincts tell me we are becoming the future union of choice for this group of doctors.

A big thank you to all those members who replied to our president’s email about doctors’ pay. I noticed a couple of references to the late Bob Crow, the railway workers union leader. The strength of feeling against yet another attack on doctors' pay jumped out from the pages and pages of responses we received. Many told us they would jump at the chance to leave the NHS, some for jobs in other countries, some waiting eagerly for retirement. It's clear to me our members feel undervalued and demotivated. Our Executive and Council will debate this issue at their meetings on 24/25 April.

In the meantime, you can let us know your views by leaving a comment on the blog…thank you.


Eddie Well done with the website. Looks the business. Hopefully will encourage active debate on issues affecting the NHS and members themselves. From here in Oz the view seems perpetually depressing for all of you. Good practice is swamped by bad publicity and worse politics. You may like to know that all is not sweetness and light here. They have similar problems which stem from the tension between what is affordable and what is available, all dependent on who is in charge. Cost cutting, freezes on staff employment and benefits etc etc. Sound familiar! Consultants may be looking to overseas for salvation, but there is a downside. The grass is not always greener. Best wishes Chris PS If you read this before the Exec meeting today, please pass on my best for the meeting
April 24, 2014 12:02

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