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It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the new website of the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association. If you’re an existing HCSA member, I hope you will appreciate the changes we’ve made. If you’re a potential member, please enjoy and use the information contained on the site. 

I hope that this new website will help you to understand our organisation and what we do for our members. With NHS Trusts under increasing financial pressure, hospital doctors are finding themselves in conflict with NHS managers on a regular basis. Sadly this all too often results in complaints, disciplinary actions and even exclusion.  The HCSA is here to support doctors in these difficult times.

As well as direct support to members, we are playing an increasingly active role in representing your views to employers, the department of health and the government, through our involvement with the TUC to which we are affiliated in England, Scotland Ireland and Wales. Through our seat as observers on the NHS staff Council, and the national and regional Social Partnership Forums.

We’re moving our Association forward to enable us to provide better services to a wider range of members, a significant change in our constitution. Over the last year, HCSA executive and council have had a spirited debate, with some wanting more radical change to increase our scope and membership, and others keen not to lose the identity of the HCSA. The position we have reached is that we will extend eligibility to hospital doctors in specialists training, as we believe that this group are the Consultants of tomorrow. It’s important that we understand our new junior members and provide them with the support that they require to make the important evolution to a fully trained Consultant or Specialist Doctor. I’m convinced that harnessing the capability and enthusiasm of younger members in our organisation is the key to our future and long term effectiveness.

Concurrently with this change, we’re modernising our branding to represent the enhanced services we are providing, and this new website is part of that process. I hope that you will find the website more user friendly and accessible, and we’re keen to receive feedback about what you like and what you dislike about the site, which is a living and evolving tool for messaging and information dissemination.

We’re keen to populate the site with articles and opinions of members, and we would be grateful for contributions on any topic relevant to the hospital specialist in the modern NHS. Please send any ideas to our Head of Communications, Jenifer Davis – jdavis@hcsa.com

Professor John B Schofield, President HCSA.


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