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Next week we start another four days of Action Short of Strike, the Government have not listened to NHS staff and now 11 out of 14 unions / professional associations will be taking industrial action. The HCSA like the others will remain strong and we will continue to get our message across.

Our members say that the pressure to take on more work is becoming the norm. Morale is at rock bottom. Consultants and specialists are feeling increasingly stressed. The fact is that if doctors are feeling insecure and undervalued, it impacts on patient care.

In campaigning for better times ahead, the HCSA is at the same time standing up for patients and we are committed to doing so for the long haul. The question is, how best to use our influence to do just that? And here, we are very lucky, because we have a body of members who not only work hard day in day out to keep the NHS the great service it has always been, but who also have a clear vision of what a better NHS could look like.

When I talk to members and non-members, I hear of the examples of how seven day services are already working practice, that a consultant contract should be fair to consultants and make for a happier, healthier workforce that continues to deliver great patient care.

It’s clear that within the HCSA and the medical profession as a whole, there is the capability, knowledge and desire to change the NHS for the better. Your voices need to be heard.

So let's make next week’s action count. Tell your colleagues, whatever union they belong to, or if they are not in a union, why you are taking action and urge more people to join with us.

Together we are strong - together we can succeed.


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