Who We Are

HCSA is a nationally recognised professional association and trade union which represents and advises all grades of hospital doctor in the UK, both in the NHS and Private Sectors.

Formed in 1948, when it was identified that consultants needed a membership body that would speak for them in the early years of the NHS, that need has never abated, and decades later we have a stronger, larger association with a track record of supporting its members.

HCSA vision:
The HCSA is a great organisation, dedicated to promoting and protecting our members. Being there when members need us, delivering a high quality service and campaigning on the important issues of the day. We aim to continue to develop an open and transparent organisation with the membership at its heart, able to participate at every level. Our vision is a simple one:

“The doctor’s advocate and the trade union of choice for consultant, specialists and doctors in training.”

HCSA values and principles:
The HCSA will strive at all times to carry out its duties and obligations in accordance with our agreed values and principles. Our commitment to equality and diversity, robust governance and openness and transparency will run through everything we do. Our values and principles are as follows:

  • Strong leadership
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Responsiveness
  • Quality


HCSA serves it members through:

  • Advice & support
  • Negotiation & representation
  • Promoting the role of hospital doctors and specialty medicine
  • Campaigning for the future of the NHS


At a glance, HCSA is:

  • Devoted solely to the interests of all hospital doctors
  • Independent and answerable only to its members
  • Responsive to members' views on all major issues
  • Ready to respresent its members without compromise
  • A professional association and a registered trade union affiliated to the TUC


HCSA Governing Document November 2023

HCSA-Rules-November-2023.pdf (299.58 KB)
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