Structure of the HCSA

HCSA is a democratic organisation that alongside individual workplace representation for its members seeks to represent their views and interests, and those of the wider community of hospital doctors, in every workplace and Trust across the UK.

To do so the HCSA has a team of paid National Officers who work closely with a network of Hospital Representatives locally to serve members.

The HCSA is governed by its ruling Council, whose members are elected on a three-yearly basis. In turn it elects members to an executive committee who carry out day-to-day oversight of the association's affairs.

In addition there are three sub-committees of the Executive covering Finance, Policy and Communications.

Current composition of the Executive

Dr Claudia Paoloni President
Dr Bernhard Heidemann Chair of the Executive
Dr Patrick McGowan Honorary Treasurer
Dr Subramanian Narayanan President-elect
Dr Mukesh Chugh Honorary Secretary
Dr Emma Cox Honorary Secretary
Mr Harish Parmar Honorary Secretary
Dr Sarah Tennant Honorary Secretary
Dr John West Honorary Secretary
Mr Christopher Khoo Independent Healthcare


Current composition of the Council

North East Dr Amanda Leigh
 Trainee Representative Dr Edward Halvey
North West Professor Anoop Chauhan
  Dr VJ Karthikeyan
  Dr Mahesh Dodi Kumar
  Dr Ganesh Retnasingam
Trainee Representative Dr Joshua Masheder
Trainee Representative Dr Charlotte Elliott
Yorkshire & Humber Mr Garry Hannant
  Dr Moomal Haris
  Mr David O'Regan
  Dr John West
East Midlands Dr Winston Rennie
  Dr David R Morgan
  Dr Sarah Tennant
Trainee Representative Dr Paul Robinson
West Midlands Dr Owen David
  Dr Sidi Rashid
  Prof Olanrewaju Sorinola
  Mr Benjamin Tan
 Trainee Representative Mr Sam Arman
 Trainee Representative Dr Karim Salem
East of England Mr Harish Parmar
Trainee Representative Dr Nicholas Wong AFHEA
London Dr Patrick McGowan
  Dr Bernadette Borgstein
Trainee Representative Dr Emma Cox
  Prof John Schofield
  Dr Dhiraj Ail
  Dr Dominic Chambers
South Central Mr Christopher Khoo
 Trainee Representative Dr James Fish
 Trainee Representative Dr Nicolas Omorphos
South West Mr Subramanian Narayanan
  Miss Zarina Shaikh
  Dr Claudia Paoloni
 Trainee Representative Dr Richard Manns
Wales Mr Syed Amjad
  Mr Victor Bathula
Scotland Dr Bernhard Heidemann
  Dr Caroline Whymark
 Trainee Representative Dr Alanah Proctor
Northern Ireland Dr Mukesh Chugh
  Dr Giles Dobson
  Dr William Loan
  Dr Mark Worthington 

HCSA Governing Document August 2020

hcsa-rules-august-2020.pdf (607.45 KB)
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