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Senior doctors dispute in England:   Key information

Every day, consultants and SAS manage complex cases, make difficult decisions and handle life and death situations. We shouldn’t be worth a third less now than we were 10 years ago.

Modelling from the Institute of Fiscal Studies demonstrates that consultants have experienced greater pay erosion than any other NHS staff group. With chronic understaffing, we are being asked to do more for less.

SAS doctors have been overlooked for too long. For many of us, moving to a new contract worsened our pay erosion and multiyear deals left us locked out of national pay awards.

We cannot go on like this. For patient safety and for the medical profession, it’s time to address pay erosion.

Consultant and SAS members have voted 77% in favour of strike action in a formal ballot.



HCSA consultant members have voted by 83.5% to accept the revised reform package. 

This vote means the pay spine reform proposals will be applied, giving most consultants an immediate pay uplift and the benefit of greater total investment and a shortened pay spine in the contract for all.

Crucial reforms to the pay review body, the DDRB, were secured in the package. This is a key component of fixing medical pay for the future. HCSA will persist in holding the government and the DDRB to account on consultant pay. 

HCSA is part of an implementation group which will now move swiftly to process the measures in the package. 

Read more information on the package. 

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We're calling for:

  • An end to the erosion of consultant and SAS pay which drives staff shortages
  • A plan for retention of doctors at every grade