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Strike ballot in December of Junior Doctors in England

HCSA will launch a national ballot of Junior Doctor members in England next month centred on strike action over pay and retention.

The vote, which will run from 14th December until 20th January, follows overwhelming support in a consultative process and the ruling Council’s endorsement last month.

HCSA will be actively urging members to vote Yes to strike action aimed at reversing years of real-terms salary cuts which have destabilised the workforce and slashed wages by around 30 per cent.

In a statement, the Junior Doctors’ Committee warns pay erosion “cannot continue. The pending ballot is not simply about pay but also its collateral impact on our own NHS and its current uncertain future.”

JDC spokesman Dr Ed Lau said: “Junior doctors have reached a tipping point following years of being taken for granted. Training is being squeezed, relentless and unreasonable demands are taking their toll on personal lives, and the suppression of pay has further undermined morale.

“Colleagues are leaving their careers or leaving the country. This is a critical issue for our NHS and patients. Our junior doctors overwhelmingly back the call for pay restoration after a 30 percent-plus decline in real-terms wages. We shall be doing our utmost to get out the vote.”

HCSA President Dr Naru Naryanan said: “The message from our juniors is that enough is enough. It is clear that this current situation cannot go on, with morale plummeting, anger mounting, and the relentless grinding away at the real value of wages.

“Young doctors are increasingly considering turning away from our NHS, and yet the government seemingly has little interest in taking steps to address growing staff shortages and a rampant culture of overwork.

“As a Consultant I fully support my junior colleagues in their fight to stop the rot before the whole house collapses.”