Junior doctors: Deadline approaching to claim your annual leave

HCSA Junior Doctors committee chair Dr Emma Cox has today reminded members in training grades in England that time is running out to assert their new rights on annual leave and take the opportunity to recuperate after a punishing few months.

New rules brought in because of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that up to five days’ leave can be carried over with agreement of your current and future employer. Doctors can use an NHS Employers template available to lodge the request, but only have a few days left to do so.

In a message to Junior Doctor members, Dr Cox said: “We would advise everyone to take annual leave if at all possible. Annual leave is vital for ensuring you have time to rest and relax and is essential to your wellbeing. We expect employers to be understanding of this and to grant annual leave wherever possible.

“If however you are unable to take annual leave then there is now the option to carry over up to five days of annual leave into your next placement.

“Any days of annual leave that are not taken or carried over should be paid. Unfortunately there is not a national agreement on the rate of pay - rates are negotiated locally and your national officer can support you in these negotiations.”

HCSA is also engaging with Health Education England and NHS Employers on a range of Junior Doctor concerns around terms and conditions and training.