Resource: PPE - your rights and safety

HCSA has published a member briefing on PPE safety to assist front-line doctors who may face extremely difficult decisions or believe employers are flouting safety guidelines.

PPE: Protecting Your Safety includes key advice that you and your colleagues should follow if concerned on PPE.

Its release follows widespread dismay at the publication of PPE “shortage” guidance days after Public Health England’s main recommendations had addressed many of the concerns raised by HCSA and other professional bodies.

Employers have a duty of care under health and safety law to provide a safe working environment.

The key messages from the document are:

  1. Remember: you’ve a duty of care to patients but your employer has a duty of care to you
  2. Don’t wait for a crisis to raise safety issues – identify risks early and escalate concerns
  3. In some circumstances it will be reasonable to refuse to carry out a task: know your rights
  4. Make a written note of the reason for your actions and anything which may help later.


Download the briefing in PDF format