Oswestry Consultant Contract Meeting

Agnes Jones and Robert Hunt Hospital

23 May 2016 -

Lecture Theatre

Information, advice and support on this and other issues from the Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association – the professional association & trade union for senior hospital doctors and specialty doctors in training.

The HCSA talk will focus on what we believe are the most pertinent points and as displayed by the Dept. of Health so far:

- The failings of negotiation that lead to the current state of imposition with Junior Doctors.

- The expected removal of Schedule 3 item 6 from Contracts regarding the right to refuse elective work at weekends

- The stated cost neutral platform imposed by the DoH

- The anticipated stipulation of working 1 in 4 weekends, and/or the obligation of 13 weekends in any one financial year.

- The expected changes to schedule 14 annex B regarding the progression to full pay (from 19 years to five years)

- Anticipation of changes Contractual Clinical Excellence awards, the proceeds of which are not pensionable.

- The forthright HCSA position – we will not support any detrimental change(s) to Contracts

Contact: Richard Wilde - 07715638117 - rwilde@hcsa.com

Website: www.hcsa.com