HCSA members' event at NHS Scotland Conference

Berwick Room, Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

05 March 2019 -

Berwick Room
Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel
Beardmore Street
Glasgow G81 4SA

As HCSA's membership in Scotland grows, the Association is commencing a series of informal meetings to discuss how best we can meet members' needs and assist with their challenges and issues.

Now that HCSA is more engaged with NHS Scotland at a national level, we want to follow this up by establishing representation at Health Board level too.

Meet HCSA National Officers Rob Quick and Jennie Bremner, who support and represent members in Scotland, in an informal discussion as we look towards setting up networks across the nation.

Contact: Rob Quick - 07834539846 - RQuick@hcsa.com

Website: www.hcsa.com