Focus on organising: How you can get involved

Three ways members can help raise the voice of the profession

Local Hospital Representatives
Our goal is to to establish a local Hospital Representative in each and every hospital to form the backbone of the HCSA, supported and advised by our expert team of National Officers.

You can find the current list of LHRs here, so if your site doesn’t have one, then please contact our head office and step forward. You will receive an information pack, regular communication and be invited to the annual representatives meeting.

National council and opinion leaders
Each (old NHS) region and devolved nation currently also elects members to the HCSA National Council, which meets twice a year and from which our national Executive, President, Treasurer and Chair of Executive are drawn.

Four-yearly elections are taking place this year. Council and ordinary members are also recruited to sit on specialist committees, while we are seeking opinion leaders in each craft specialty who can be called upon to respond to national documents and to speak authoritively to the press as issues arise.

Such personal recognition of your own role as a member of HCSA is a vital final part of the jigsaw. It should not be forgotten that the HCSA is a national nominating body for the ACCEA. HCSA supports those who act for it in recognition of their role.

Recruit your colleagues
The old maxim that there is strength in numbers has never seemed truer given the challenges that our profession faces. The greater the coverage of HCSA members, the greater the collective voice of hospital doctors. Our team of National Officers is always open to invitations to visit trusts, either for a recruitment event or information sessions.

This year existing members have an additional incentive to sign up their colleagues – the HCSA recruitment challenge means that any current member who recruits a new member will receive 10 per cent off their 2016-17 membership fee. This means that if they recruit 10, then the fee drops to zero. Read more about the challenge.