Delivering more for members as we head for 2017

The HCSA finance sub-committee met in July to review the current contribution rates. It established several goals in our next membership year, including a desire to refresh and strengthen our communications strategy, to introduce an impressive package of membership benefits, and to equip the association to wield a more influential presence in the future.

In order to deliver on these objectives,it was agreed that the full 2016-17 contribution rate for consultant members will be £275 per year (£23.50 monthly).

All other grades of membership will stay the same – see the HCSA website for details.

Our plans are tailored to provide members with a more agile organisation able to respond faster to key events, offer members added value and savings to the membership subscription and position the HCSA front and centre in giving voice to you, the member’s, views, opinions and aspirations.

We intend to create a refreshed magazine, with more content, more thought-provoking articles and interviews with key influencers in the health sector, and a new drive to create policy initiatives.

We will also be looking at improvements to our website and social media presence, investing more resources into this area.

Last but not least, our new membership benefits package HCSA Concierge will be up and running before the end of this year, just in time for Christmas!

The package includes cashback and savings on all manner of goods and services, from holidays/travel to the weekly supermarket shop and lots more. Shopping via HCSA Concierge could save you a lot of money.

The coming months, we believe, will see a stronger, more influential HCSA.

The additional benefits and improvements we are planning to complement our service to members will prepare us well for the challenges to come.