Chief executive's notes: Recognition at last, Local organisation, TUC Young Workers

Recognition at last
The HCSA is never going to be the same following our momentous achievement of formal trade union recognition late last year.

As such we have a lot to say in this edition of the magazine about how it came about and what the impact will be on members and the organisation.

For me as the Chief Executive and General Secretary it is the culmination of many years of strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and a belief in the HCSA’s determination to stand up for its members that has made our recognition a reality.

However, our celebrations will be based on gaining negotiated successes for all of our current and ever-increasing cohort of new members.

Local organisation
We are making steady progress in expanding our national recognition locally, with many NHS Trusts having already been willing to grant us formal trade union recognition.

We have contacted every Trust in England and our national officers have been following up with meetings and discussions to press home the case for recognition. We will keep members updated on a regular basis, and will be contacting all of you with an online questionnaire to support this work. Read more on this initiative.

TUC Young Workers
This year also marks another first for the HCSA. We will for the first time be sending delegates to the TUC Young Workers Conference.

Our influx of new doctors in training members has been a major game-changer for the HCSA and as such we have ensured that we give voice to our newest group of members.

We will have a doctor in training delegate and our motion is on whistleblowing. Find out more about this story.