HCSA organising focus turns to Trusts

HCSA members are being asked to check their inboxes now for a crucial questionnaire that forms part of our organisational strategy aimed at delivering more for members at local level.

HCSA has launched a new organising drive following national recognition to ensure representation on the Local Negotiating Committees that bargain at Trust level on behalf of hospital doctors.

We know that many of you are already – or may wish to be – involved in local structures, and HCSA is now reviewing the current situation across Trusts in England.

All Trust HR managers and CEOs have been sent confirmation of our intention to discuss the situation locally.

Our team of national officers is now auditing Trusts and working with Hospital Representatives to ensure that local recognition agreements reflect HCSA’s new national bargaining status, and that all members already playing a part in LNCs are in contact with our full-time team.

Once again the role of Hospital Representatives will be essential in facilitating this drive. If you need to update your email address or are interested in becoming more involved at your Trust, please don’t hesitate to contact our head office team via conspec@hcsa.com.

Training and one-to-one support is available from our experienced national officer team, with an online learning programme also being established to assist members who wish to play a more active role on behalf of fellow hospital doctors.