New equal pay rules go live on 31st March

New regulation comes into force on 31st March that means all public-sector bodies in England, including NHS Trusts, must begin gathering data on their “gender pay gap” for the first time.

The new rules, which apply to public-sector employers with more than 250 staff, mean that data on a host of indicators around male and female wages will be monitored, with the first results published next year.

It will see differences in pay between men and women across all roles in an organisation. Those employers who have a high level of men in senior jobs with women clustered in junior roles are more likely to have a “gender pay gap.”

HCSA National Officer Ro Marsh explains: “It is apparent that many employers are not alert to this new requirement, despite that fact that they will soon have a mandatory duty to collect this data so that they can publish the first results in March 2018.

“We will be seeking to work with other unions and NHS Trust management to help with the collection of this data.

“Our aim will be to work with Trusts to review how people are paid and to understand the reasons behind any identified gap and ways in which it could be reduced.”

● HCSA has published a briefing paper for members on the new Gender Pay Reporting guidelines.