Wollaston welcomed at Torbay Q&A

HCSA was delighted to host Dr Sarah Wollaston MP in January for a well-attended Q&A event at Torbay Hospital.

Professor Ross Welch, a clinician at nearby Derriford Hospital in Plymouth and HCSA President, welcomed her to the meeting on behalf of the association and local hospital doctors.

Most HCSA members will be familiar with Totnes Member of Parliament Dr Wollaston’s role as the chair of the Commons health select committee.

The event was an opportunity for doctors to share their concerns about the current crisis in the NHS, with Dr Wollaston listening intently to the views of front-line clinicians from hospitals across Devon.

She also spoke eloquently about her own concerns, clearly underpinned by her background as a Devon GP.

A number of HCSA members described their own recent experiences, with discussion centring on the impact of financial cuts to budgets, so-called “bedblocking” and morale among doctors and trainees.