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TUC 2021: HCSA wins backing for probe into NHS 'institutional racism'

13 Sep 2021

HCSA today won backing from the annual trade union parliament for its stance calling for an independent review into the ethnicity pay gap in medicine rather than mere “lip service”. Read more ››

HCSA calls for action on ‘glass ceiling’ for ethnic minority and women doctors, in light of striking new data

02 Sep 2021

HCSA has called for urgent action on ethnicity and gender pay gaps in medicine, as data lays bare the severe disadvantages faced by ethnic minority and women surgeons in the NHS. Read more ››

'Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance': HCSA message to doctors amidst blood tube shortage crisis

26 Aug 2021

HCSA President Dr Claudia Paoloni has issued a message to doctors following reports that the global blood tube shortage is now at a critical stage. Read more ››

Blog: It's time we talked about the menopause at work

17 Aug 2021

National Officer Isslia Roberts explains why HCSA has issued a call for evidence from doctors to press for a sea change in attitudes towards the menopause at work. Read more ››

HCSA urges deaneries to implement medical student Covid safeguards

16 Aug 2021

HCSA's Junior Doctors' Committee has written to Deans of all UK medical schools with four key recommendations to safeguard medical students during placements. Read more ››


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