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NHS overseas workers day shines a spotlight on uncertainty

26 Mar 2021

HCSA was proud to support the first ever Overseas NHS Workers Day on March 5th to help celebrate the extraordinary contributions made by international staff during the pandemic. Read more ››

Buying local - should we be prioritising healthcare products from the UK?

15 Mar 2021

The UK regularly buys healthcare products from overseas but given the economic scenario we face, it makes sense to prioritise UK manufacturers and suppliers, writes orthopaedic surgeon Harish Parmar. Read more ››

President's view: The government ignores our precarious situation at its peril

09 Mar 2021

The government's attempt to pre-empt the pay review process represents a dangerous misreading of the current state of the NHS workforce, warns HCSA President Dr Claudia Paoloni Read more ››

Emergency statement from the HCSA Executive on hospital doctors' pay

09 Mar 2021

HCSA’s executive agreed in emergency session last night to issue an urgent statement to members on hospital doctors’ pay. Read more ››

IWD 2021: The lessons of the Mend the Gap review must be learned

08 Mar 2021

HCSA President Dr Claudia Paoloni explains her personal story as a woman in medicine and explains why the gender pay gap is real, damaging and must not be sidelined. Read more ››


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