Election 2024: Whoever wins, the reset that is required is fundamental

27 Jun 2024

HCSA President Dr Naru Narayanan warns that whatever the NHS election pledges, the fundamentals of funding and the relationship with medical staff will be key to turning things around. Read more ››

For women, by women: introducing specialist support for HCSA members

08 Mar 2024

On International Women's Day, HCSA National Officer Isslia Roberts introduces Women Focused Support, our new service for women members Read more ››

President's view: Associate professionals - valid concerns are not protectionist

02 Nov 2023

HCSA President Naru Narayanan explains doctors' concerns around associate professionals and warns that 'mission creep' currently seems inevitable Read more ››

Sexual harassment needs to be tackled head-on

12 May 2023

Sexual harassment remains one of the big challenges in health services - and it's time to confront it, says HCSA National Officer Isslia Roberts Read more ››

Bullying and undermining in the NHS: A threat to staff and patient safety

28 Jul 2022

NHS doctor Mr David Riding explains how bullying and undermining represent a threat to both staff and patients which must be tackled if we are to truly become a “caring profession” Read more ››