IWD 2022: 'I was horrified to see young women medics lining up to kiss male Consultants'

08 Mar 2022

To mark International Women's Day HCSA President Dr Claudia Paoloni reflects on her experiences as a young woman doctor. While the times are changing, there's still much left to do, she says. Read more ››

Blog: It's time we talked about the menopause at work

17 Aug 2021

National Officer Isslia Roberts explains why HCSA has issued a call for evidence from doctors to press for a sea change in attitudes towards the menopause at work. Read more ››

The impact of Covid-19 on the way we work

11 May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives in many different ways. Pauline Paxton, national officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland talks about how using technology to communicate is effective, but is no replacement for personal contact with members. Read more ››

Advice: Avoiding social media dangers

22 Apr 2021

Hospital Doctors are increasingly using social media and smartphone apps to connect. It pays to be informed on the risks, explains MPS legal adviser Dr James Thorpe Read more ››

Buying local - should we be prioritising healthcare products from the UK?

15 Mar 2021

The UK regularly buys healthcare products from overseas but given the economic scenario we face, it makes sense to prioritise UK manufacturers and suppliers, writes orthopaedic surgeon Harish Parmar. Read more ››