HCSA's expert support secures result for member

HCSA’s expert support has secured a win for a member left out of pocket by hospital managers who said that they hadn’t agreed to their Job Plan quickly enough.

Luckily, experienced National Officer George Georgiou was on hand to help challenge the claim at an appeal hearing.

In fact it was something of a win on all counts when it was accepted that the member had not only participated fully in the process of drawing up the plan but made “every reasonable effort” to play their part.

The member was awarded more than a year’s back pay as the appeals panel accepted the argument that the delays had in fact been down to hospital management.

George said: “This was a very difficult case hampered by the management’s reluctance to follow procedure.

“We went through the appeals process and thankfully, due to the expertise of the HCSA and the presence of an HCSA Executive Committee member on the panel, we were able to convince the management that a speedy payment was in the best