Hospital representatives training scheme offers face-to-face advice

HCSA’s National Officer team has launched a programme aimed at recruiting a representative in every hospital. Face-to-face training means every member can be a local voice of the association

A new workplace training programme means that HCSA’s network of hospital representatives can now access face-to-face advice and coaching from our team of experienced national officers.

The first local session took place a few weeks ago in Northampton, with those attending given the knowledge to play a more informed role as part of the association.

The programme is part of a drive to build HCSA’s hospital representatives network, with the ultimate objective of at least one in every hospital.

For those members who feel unable to take the step of becoming a full representative in the workplace, HCSA is also looking to recruit hospital contacts, who are able to:

• advise the best time in a particular hospital to meet with the optimum number of consultants, registrars and junior doctors.
• contact doctors and consultants directly, drumming up support and giving the best recommendation possible.
• contact the relevant national officer on the specific issues in a Trust or Hospital, ensuring a tailored response to best serve the needs of the members and future members.
• receive extra copies of the HCSA journal, making them accesible to prospective members in the workplace.
• promote the association in the workplace and increase membership.

HCSA National Officer Andrew Jordan, who is helping to co-ordinate the hospital representatives project, said: “We aim to ensure that as many HCSA members as possible have that person on site who they can turn towards when they need that little bit of advice, or pointing in the right direction, or even just someone to accompany them to a first stage meeting with a manager.”

The HCSA will be running regular training sessions for hospital representatives in coming months.

If you are interested in taking part or becoming an HCSA representative in your hospital, then email or your National Officer.