Part-time junior doctor wins pay victory with help of HCSA

Part-timers have been urged to double check their own situation after HCSA intervention secured a payout from trust managers who had underpaid a junior doctor for more than a year.

The case, affecting a member who had returned to work from maternity leave, shone a light on just one potential pitfall for those working less than full time.

National Officer Jennie Bremner explains: “Upon her return to the workplace from maternity leave, the trust said to come back LTFT would be fine provided she took part in the on-call rota as if she was employed on a full-time basis.

“This was agreeable to our member and it also helped out the Trust, who didn’t want to plug the gaps with locums – this saving money. It appeared at first glance to be a win-win situation.

“However, our member soon realised that not only was her pay incorrect but after some discussion with her full-time colleagues, she was only being paid for 60 per cent of the on-call work even though she was participating as if she were a full- time employee.”

After repeatedly meeting a brick wall with the trust, she had had enough.

“Eventually, our junior doctor member contacted us and we quickly established the facts of the case and where the problem lay,” says Jennie.

“A meeting was arranged with the trust management and human resources to put the case to them and explain how and where they were at fault.

“The trust accepted responsibility and agreed to pay the junior doctor what was owed in full backdated to when the underpayment first occurred.”

The result again underlines the importance of ensuring you and your colleagues are members of the association.

Jennie adds: “Our junior doctors are important to us and in light of the recent government debacle we want to assure you all of our full support in what we are sure are going to be difficult times ahead.”