Oct-Nov 2015

In this edition:

Cover story: Stress in the spotlight
Why HCSA won’t let up on its campaign against rising workplace pressure

Chief Executive’s notes
General Secretary Eddie Saville on Doctors in Training, the Trades Union Congress annual conference, and public-sector exit payment double standards

President’s view: The government risks a widening credibility gap
HCSA President John Schofield on the ongoing dispute over consultant and junior doctors contracts

Junior Doctors’ dispute: The HCSA position
Why the association has set out its stall on the defence of junior doctors

Junior Doctors’ dispute: Guest columnist
Mustafa Rashid, President of the British Orthopaedic Trainees Association (BOTA UK) urges, consultants to actively show support for junior doctors amid signs of a growing retention crisis.

HCSA News: Specialty trainee rate cut to £100

HCSA News: Sign a colleague for up to £250 off your membership fees

Trade Union Bill: Opposition rises
NHS managers join criticism over harsh anti-union legislation

Trades Union Congress 2015: Delegates back HCSA stress action call

Trades Union Congress 2015: SPA time campaign wins unanimous backing

Policy watch: Hopes pinned on new health tech
Policy-makers and employers are predicting big savings with new technology to bring ‘efficiency’ and better patient care to UK health services. But will this be another false IT dawn?

News in Brief: CQC Report • NHS tariff • Vanguards

Light side: JDs contract ‘revealed’ • Handhelds health warning • Staff fitness fund