HCSA News: Policy team targets profile lift

Introducing our newest staff member Dr Leanne-Marie McCarthy-Cotter, who joins us from the University of Sheffield’s Crick Centre.

Leanne, who has taken up a post in our Policy Team, will be working with our communications department to boost HCSA's representation at all levels.

Members can expect to see a greater focus on research in order to project the views and priorities of hospital doctors.

Leanne completed her PhD in policy formation in 2015 and since then has served as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and lecturer at the University of Sheffield.

She says: "My expertise lies in policy formation, parliament, legislation, and governance, and I have a number of publications focusing on these areas.

"My goal will be to represent the views of members and the Association, and influence the development of legislation. I am eager to ensure that we establish a policy and influence base, making sure members’ interests and priorities are reflected across all related issues."

The policy team’s remit is to:

  • Inform and influence key issues, helping to shape effective legislation
  • Respond to consultations that are relevant to the needs and concerns of our members
  • Establish and maintain strong working relationships with policymakers
  • Engage with government working groups, policy networks and initiatives
  • Gather and disseminate information and evidence to feed into the policymaking system