HCSA condemns Government's decision on public sector pay

17 Mar 2014

The announcement of the Government's decision on public sector pay will yet again leave many hospital consultants and specialists with a real terms pay cut. The HCSA roundly condemns this decision which will simply continue the downward spiral of morale which exists thr… Read more ››

HCSA attend meeting with Northern Ireland Chief Medical Officer

13 Mar 2014

On Tuesday 11 March, HCSA Officer Rob Quick joined a small delegation from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Northern Ireland Committee, to meet with Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer of the Province. Rob joined officials from a number of health unions.… Read more ››

HCSA's Stance on Seven Day Service

16 Dec 2013

It is the HCSA’s policy to encourage and work with any properly focussed initiatives to eliminate the variation in survival rates and wellbeing which has been shown to exist for acute and emergency hospital admissions in the evenings and at weekends. Read more ››