HCSA condemns Government's decision on public sector pay

The Government have completely ignored the independent review bodies recommendation that NHS staff should receive a 1% consolidated pay rise for 2014/15, instead they have said this is unaffordable, commenting that, “The DDRB’s recommendations for a 1% consolidated rise for all staff, on top of automatic increments, are unaffordable and would risk the quality of patient care”. The HCSA completely disputes this and sees this as yet another move to undervalue hard working hospital consultants and specialists who work tirelessly to care for their patients.

This comes just ahead of the third year of pension contribution increases which is due to hit pay packets this April. The Scottish Government have confirmed they accept the review body’s recommendations and all staff will receive a 1% increase. We are still awaiting announcements in Wales and Northern Ireland.  Let us have your views on the Government's decision.