HCSA Welcomes Hospital Doctors in Specialist Training.

The Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association has extended its membership to hospital doctors in training positions. This move will take the Association forward and enable it to provide better services to a wider range of members.

Inviting hospital doctors in specialist training to join the HCSA is a significant change to its constitution, but one which fits with two of its main objectives, growing its presence and developing the consultant’s role.

HCSA President, Professor John Schofield explained:
“We have extended eligibility to hospital doctors in specialist training, as we believe that this group are the Consultants of tomorrow. It’s important that we understand our new junior members and provide them with the support that they require to make the important evolution to a fully trained Consultant or Specialist Doctor. I’m convinced that harnessing the capability and enthusiasm of younger members in our organisation is the key to our future and long term effectiveness.”

For more information contact:
Jenifer Davis jdavis@hcsa.com
01256 771777