Sixth consecutive year of pay restraint

As the HCSA continues to consult members on the question of industrial action over the Government's decision to reject the DDRB recommendations on pay for 2014/5, the Government has confirmed that it will not even ask the DDRB to report on pay for 2015/6.

This will mean a sixth consecutive year of pay restraint for hospital consultants and specialists. In a letter to the DDRB from Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he states "pay restraint remains a crucial part of the consolidation plans that are continuing to help put the UK back on to the path to fiscal sustainability." He goes on to say, "continued restraint in relation to public sector pay will help to protect jobs ... and support the quality of public services." 

HCSA Chief Executive Eddie Saville commented:

"With morale hitting rock bottom already, this latest move from the Government will just add yet another layer of anger and frustration. Doctors are feeling completely undervalued and now is the time to stand up and campaign for a fairer deal on pay." 

The HCSA consultative ballot is open until the 18th August, this is your opportunity to have your say. If you have not yet voted, please do so today

Together we are strong, together we can win.