Clock ticking for Clinical Excellence Awards applications

The clock is ticking for applications for the 2015 National Clinical Excellence Awards (CEA) as the 17 June deadline approaches.

As a nominating body HCSA will be convening a CEA panel shortly, but those members seeking the union’s support for their application are advised to email their completed CVQ to by 5pm on 28 May. Late applications will not be considered.

As in previous years HCSA hopes to support nominations for National Bronze, Silver and Gold Excellence awards. Particular consideration will be given to applicants who can demonstrate that they have supported the aims and objectives of the HCSA.

Please read the Guidance to Applicants – available on the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards pages of the website – carefully before completing your application.

There are useful hints and reminders about how to present your achievements in the best possible way.

Ensure that you follow the guidance. Use dates wherever possible, avoid acronyms and repetition. The personal statement is not normally scored by assessors, so do not include anything in the personal statement which is not also included in the relevant domain.

As the awards are for achievements over and above those expected, this must be the principal focus of your application. Work that is already remunerated as part of your normal contractual duties or has been rewarded by previous clinical excellence awards should only be cited when there have been clear developments in this area or further excellence demonstrated.

● Full details of eligibility can be found on the ACCEA pages at