PRESS STATEMENT: Response to junior doctors' strike postponement

PRESS RELEASE: Hospital Consultants urge "sustained and serious" effort to address grievances after junior doctors postpone strike action

Monday November 30th
Following the postponement of tomorrow's planned strike action by doctors in training, the Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association (HCSA) has issued the following statement:

Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association (HCSA) President Professor John Schofield FRCPath said: “The HCSA has argued all along that the imposition of changes was not an option - tonight it appears that this message has got through.
“While hospital consultants stood – and stand – ready to ensure the safety and continuity of excellent patient care during any industrial action by juniors, it is to the benefit of all parties that space is now created for a sustained and serious attempt to bridge the gap between the government’s aspirations and the fears of doctors in training.
“Hospital consultants remain concerned that without concerted efforts to address the grievances at the heart of this dispute, there could be serious long-term consequences for the retention and recruitment of the next generation of senior doctors.
“We hope now that discussions can continue in a climate where due prominence is given to the litmus tests of patient and staff safety, fairness and work-life balance for those hard-working front-line hospital staff who form the backbone of current and future NHS services.”