Members urged to act on threat to pension savings

With days to go before the Chancellor will stand up to announce sweeping expected changes in the Budget unions representing members affected continue to campaign for a fair outcome that does not unfairly penalise savers in the upper income brackets.

Amid fears that doing so could fundamentally undermine the attractiveness of pension funds and destabilise the retirement regime in the UK, HCSA has linked up with organisations covering professions including head teachers, senior civil servants, pilots and senior police officers to press home their case for a better deal.

We are urging concerned members and their colleagues to sign a parliamentary petition tabled by scientists’ union Prospect to force a public response from the government over changes to tax relief and other plans that will dramatically change the retirement landscape.

The current goal is 10,000 signatures, and the petition, calling on the government to “ensure reforms to pension tax relief are fair, durable and encourage saving,” is available now at

The HCSA is also urging members affected by the issues involved to write individually to their MPs in order to increase pressure on the government. The website provides a quick and easy way of getting in touch with your political representatives.