HCSA welcomes BMA decision on Consultants Contract ballot

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HCSA - the Hospital Doctors’ Union has today welcomed a decision by the BMA Annual Representatives Meeting to ballot all grades from ST3* and above on the terms of any new Consultants Contract.

HCSA, the only professional association and trade union dedicated solely to hospital doctors, is currently engaged alongside the BMA in negotiating a new contract with the Department of Health and employers that could bring sweeping changes to the profession.

This morning’s decision by British Medical Association delegates, passed by a vote of 57%-43%, brings the BMA into line with the existing HCSA position to consult members collectively on the outcome of talks, which have been ongoing for several years.

HCSA General Secretary Eddie Saville said: “We welcome this vote by the BMA, and now hope that we can work jointly to win the best deal possible for all hospital doctors.

“We are clear that this new contract is likely to have far-reaching implications for the entire profession, now and in future.

“We believe that accepting contractual terms without consulting members would be contrary to the principles of trade unionism, and have made it clear to employers from the outset that we will be seeking our members’ views on the new consultants’ contract at a stage when we have finalised the best deal possible.

“HCSA has always emphasised the importance of consulting our membership collectively, and has a history of doing so - most recently over pay in 2014, when our members voted to take industrial action.”

The Consultants Contract currently being negotiated would supersede the 2003 contract and negotiations have been ongoing for nearly four years over its terms.

HCSA joined the negotiations earlier in 2017 after securing employer recognition and national bargaining rights. 
*ST3 grades are doctors who have reached the third tier of post-foundation specialty training.