New members join for free until 30th September

At HCSA we strongly believe that every hospital doctor should be in a trade union to ensure they are fully defended in their place of work as professionals as well as legally in their practice of medicine.

As the only TUC-affiliated trade union dedicated solely to hospital doctors, we specialise in advocating, negotiating and protecting their unique interests.

HCSA is therefore pleased to announce that from July 1st 2017 until September 30th 2017 all new members are eligible for a free trial membership.

The offer means that any hospital doctor of any grade can join the association, and benefit from the protections, benefits and support that membership offers, at no initial cost.

Whether it is issues around job planning, pay or other conditions, disciplinaries or unfair practices, our professional national officers will be here to support you if required as if you were a fully paying member.

And remember, if you are an existing member, anyone you refer this year and who remains a paying member at the start of our new membership year from October 1st 2017 (dues deducted by direct debit October 2nd 2017), will mean a 10 per cent discount from next year's membership fee under our Recruitment Challenge.

So, if existing members sign up 10 new colleagues their 2017-18 fees (October 1st 2017-September 30th 2018) will be waived completely.

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Please note: Under the terms of membership we are not normally in a position to take up cases where problems occur prior to active membership (free trial or paid).