HCSA publishes DDRB submission

HCSA has today made public its full submission to the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB).

Key recommendations included:

  • The independence and authority of the DDRB regarding spending priorities needs to be reaffirmed
  • Pay should increase at least in line with RPI
  • All types of CEAs should rise in line with pay
  • Local CEAs should remain unchanged until the new contract negotiations are complete
  • The introduction of commitment awards needs to be considered
  • To aid retention, focus should be placed on improving the working environment
  • The launch of a joint investigation into early retirement involving trade unions and employers
  • There needs to be improvement in flexible working policy and equality/diversity measures

In its concluding statement, the HCSA submission warns: “The Government is continuing to undervalue hospital doctors. Hospital doctors have repeatedly been asked to accept a continued real-terms loss of earnings, and at the same time shoulder an ever-increasing workload that is causing considerable strain on individuals.

“Hospital doctors are expected to work harder than ever before to provide a high standard of service, but they are often doing so at the expense of their own personal well-being. This needs to be appropriately recognised, and action needs to be taken.”

The association announced its formal pay claim in December following consultation with members.

An HCSA delegation will appear before an oral hearing of the DDRB in March. The review body is expected to announce its recommendations in May.