Statement on Dr Chris Day Employment Tribunal

Following confirmation at an Employment Tribunal today that Health Education England has legal status as a joint employer of all doctors in training, HCSA has issued the following statement.

An HCSA spokeswoman said: “HCSA welcomes the outcome of the Employment Tribunal today in the case brought by Dr Chris Day. He has won an important victory which benefits all junior doctors in training.

“The acknowledgement by Health Education England that it is indeed a joint employer of trainees is long overdue.

“This is an extremely significant moment. Doctors in training can at last feel confident that they have the right to hold HEE accountable for decisions it makes which affect their employment, even though it is not their workplace employer.

“The work to create an environment in which hospital doctors feel truly able to speak out on safety and care, without fearing their career will suffer, continues. It does so with great encouragement from today’s news.”