Save hundreds with up to 100% off 2018-9 fees

Members of HCSA, the only TUC-affiliated professional association and trade union dedicated solely to hospital doctors, can save hundreds of pounds on their 2018-19 annual fee next October by encouraging their colleagues to join too.

The Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association is continuing its popular initiative that means existing members can benefit in the pocket as well as their places of work by helping the assocation to grow.

The principle is simple – for every new member you sign up, we will deduct 10% from your membership fees due in October 2018. That means if you sign up 10 new paying members, next year your HCSA membership fee will be waived for the whole year.

Simply ensure that your new recruits notifty us when they apply of your name and where possible your membership number. We'll do the rest.

Recruitment Challenge Field Crop

Our application forms now include a special section (pictured) to allow applicants to record their referrer's details. Just look out for theRecruitment Challenge logo and ensure that your information is included in the application.

The initiative is part of a broader push to increase organisation among hospital doctors across the UK, with figures showing that thousands are still working without the individual and collective protection, support and advice that comes with membership of a professional association and trade union.