Pay award leaves junior doctors £850 worse off in damaging blow, warn hospital doctors

HCSA - the hospital doctors’ union has warned that a generation of England’s junior doctors are being left behind on pay despite working tens of thousands of extra hours to deliver the Covid-19 response.

The annual pay award announced today means a majority of junior doctors have now seen wages fall by between £500 and £850 in comparison to senior colleagues in just two years.

Today marked the second consecutive lower award for junior doctors, who received a 2 percent rise compared to 2.8 percent for Consultants. Junior doctors also received a 2 percent increase last year compared to 2.5 percent for more senior grades.

HCSA has warned that the news will land a damaging psychological blow on England’s lowest-paid doctors who are currently delivering emergency rotas as part of the Covid-19 response and steeling themselves for a potential second peak in the autumn.

Junior doctors have seen their training postponed and leave cancelled during the pandemic.

HCSA President Dr Claudia Paoloni said: “The government must recognise that the current pay trajectory for junior doctors is increasingly out of step with reality on the ground.

“It cannot be right at a time when NHS doctors have been working as one to deliver the Covid response that those on the lowest pay are allowed to fall yet further behind.

“This is a fresh psychological blow in an already strained situation and the last thing they need to hear.

“We risk burning out and demoralising a crucial part of our workforce who have now been working emergency rotas for months without a break and who remain critical to the future of the NHS.

“There is a clear case to revisit junior doctors’ pay. They deserve nothing less.”