Key funding for lifelong learning in unions set to be axed

HCSA is supporting the TUC’s campaign to urge the government to reverse cuts to a ‘vital’ union learning scheme 

UnionLearn assists unions in delivering learning opportunities for members, helping them to improve their employability. 

The government is planning to stop the £12 million fund for UnionLearn, which could result in hundreds of thousands of workers missing out on skills and training. 

Paul Donaldson, HCSA’s general secretary, said: "UnionLearn is a vital component of helping people get qualifications and skills to help them improve their employability.  

They also provide education and training for professionals and workplace representatives to help Trade Unions work better with employers. 

They provide support for learning from basic numeracy, literacy and computing skills through to diploma level courses.  

“Removing funding would be a retrograde and short-sighted move that will compound problems around the economic recovery that is needed." 

UnionLearn supported 200,000 learners in 2019/2020. Available training includes literary, numeracy, ICT, vocational training, apprenticeships and ongoing professional development.  

It is estimated that the return to the Exchequer is about £3.40 for every £1 spent through Union Learn. 

For more information and to sign the TUC’s petition click here