HCSA urges Chancellor to act on staff fuel cost burden

HCSA has called on the Chancellor and the NHS to act immediately to recognise eye-watering fuel costs with an emergency boost to mileage allowances for work travel.

General Secretary Dr Paul Donaldson warned that hospital doctors and other NHS staff who use their own cars in the course of their work face “paying for the privilege” with average prices at the pump now over £1.65 per litre.

He called for an emergency change to mileage rates, which are set separately for different grades of doctor, and funding for the NHS to implement the change.

HCSA is urging:

  • An instant review of mileage rates to ensure no NHS staff are paying to carry out work duties
  • Funding from the Chancellor to underpin the changes at local level
  • A new emergency mechanism to review mileage rates in future when petrol prices are subject to rapid rise.

Currently mileage rates are reviewed only once or twice a year.

Dr Donaldson said: “HCSA is concerned that doctors and other staff who need to use their car for work are now being placed in a position where they are having to pay from their own pockets.

“We are calling for an immediate rise in NHS mileage allowance rates to reflect the rapidly increasing costs of fuel.

“We also need to review the structure of mileage allowances, which are currently different for different grades of doctor, and a new mechanism for change.

“Hospital doctors need clarity and action now to remedy this situation.”