AGM 2022: Proposed HCSA Governing Document Rule Changes

The Annual General Meeting is asked to consider a proposed amendment to HCSA Governing Document in the form of five additional clauses within the Objects of the Association. 

The rule changes have been drafted with the following aims:

  • To maximise the prospect of obtaining HMRC authority for subscriptions to be treated as exempt from Income Tax by addressing qualifying criteria in the Association’s Objects
  • To raise the Association’s Equalities credentials, in keeping with TUC recommendations, by incorporating a commitment to the same in its Objects
  • To facilitate a cultural change within HCSA towards an Organising model, thereby requiring HCSA to assume a greater role in supporting and guiding members to resolve their own problems or collaborating to resolve problems.  In short, the training and development of members will assume a far greater importance than it has in the past.

These are important proposals and as such need to be voted on at our forthcoming AGM. They require a two-thirds majority of those attending to be confirmed.

If you have any questions or comments or would like any information about these proposals please contact our Head Office who will be able to assist and direct your query accordingly.


Proposed amendment: an additional five clauses to be added under item 4 (Objects), as detailed below, and the lettering of the pre-existing clauses relabelled to reflect this.

The additional clauses are as follows:

a)      To provide Members with the information and skills necessary to understand the terms of their employment law, self-employed contractual and Equalities Act 2010 rights and obligations (as well as the means to engage effectively with management and colleagues to ensure compliance with the same) so as to enable Members themselves to individually and / or collectively address issues concerning the profession of hospital doctors.  

b)      To provide Members with the information and skills necessary to secure their own wellbeing and thereby enable Members to manage their lives so that they can continue to work effectively and safely for their patients and themselves in the face of mounting work-related pressures impacting on the profession of hospital doctors and thereby maintain their own standards of conduct and competence.

c)       To provide Members with information concerning current and likely future hospital health care (both NHS and independent sectors) issues that impact on the profession of hospital doctors so that they have the knowledge to take the individual and / or collective action necessary to deliver the Objects set out below and comply with the professional obligations imposed upon them by the General Medical Council for the benefit of their patients.

d)      To promote equality in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010 for all working in or using hospitals through collective bargaining, publicity material and campaigning, representation, union organisation and structures, education training, organising and recruitment, the provision of all other services and benefits and all other activities as well as the Association’s own employment practices.

e)       To  oppose actively all forms of bullying and harassment as well as discrimination contrary to the Equalities Act 2010 for those working in or using hospitals.  

HCSA Rules August 2020 The Governing Document as of August 2020 is available for download