HCSA takes to Parliament for launch of Never Again report on pandemic

HCSA and campaign group EveryDoctor have today joined forces for the parliamentary launch of ‘Never Again: Covid from the Frontlines.’

The joint report urges politicians and policy-makers to act now, or risk a repeat of the tragedies of Covid.

Doctors’ experiences of the pandemic are the central focus of the report, which includes harrowing testimony from the medical profession and pertinent secondary analysis.

The organisations will launch the event in Parliament this afternoon, where we will seek backing from MPs and Lords on three calls:

  • Invest in NHS staff and solve the workforce crisis
  • Improve health and safety for Covid and beyond
  • Listen to doctors during the Covid inquiry

HCSA President Dr Naru Narayanan said: "The mistakes of the pandemic must never be repeated. It is all too easy to move on from Covid and bury our heads in the sand, but inaction will leave us vulnerable to future variants and viruses.

"A toxic concoction of chronic understaffing, poor infection control and decades of underfunding put the NHS in the worst possible place for responding to the pandemic. We are taking our report to decision-makers so they can hear from the frontlines. We must act to secure the NHS.”

Read the full report and share widely.