LCEAs: advice for Joint Local Negotiating Committees

The specifics of the Local Clinical Excellence Award Scheme are now subject to negotiation at local level. HCSA has issued the following guidance for JLNCs:

  • Maintain equal distribution of funds. A uniform approach to equal distribution avoids the inequity and uncertainty of creating various local schemes at speed.

  • Suspend formal reviews in order to maintain engagement and minimise confusion. NHS Employers has issued this guidance which indicates there is scope for JLNCs to agree a variation to contractual requirement to postpone reviews.

HCSA believes these principles represent the best way forward for Joint Local Negotiating Committees until the development of a new scheme.

This follows tripartite negotiations between HCSA, NHS Employers and the BMA in order to try to win the best outcome for Consultants on Local Clinical Excellence Awards.

Unfortunately, a number of fundamental sticking points arose during the course of the negotiations which led to the HCSA Executive rejecting the framework agreement. Read more about why HCSA could not sign up to the deal here.

If you require further advice, contact HCSA on