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HCSA junior doctors vote Yes to renew strike mandate

HCSA Junior Doctors in England voted by over 96 percent today in favour of continued strike action over pay until at least June.

Today’s Yes vote extends the current strike mandate and means HCSA junior doctor members in England will now join walkouts from 06.59am on January 3rd to 06.59am to January 9th.

The result, which comes on the first day of winter strike action by doctors in training, is the third time this year HCSA members have backed walkouts over pay.

The Yes vote in each case has exceeded 95 percent. Current law requires unions to renew a mandate for industrial action every six months.

Commenting, HCSA president Dr Naru Narayanan said:

“HCSA junior doctors have sent a very clear message today. Striking is not a step that any doctor takes lightly - we are among the least likely professions to resort to industrial action. The fact it has come to this shows how bad things are.

“Responsibility for the failure to end this dispute before winter pressures hit the NHS lie solely with the government, which has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the central issues.

“Sadly, it has wasted months taking a tough line and stills seems unable to accept the arguments junior doctors have made for well over a year on pay, retention and safe staffing levels.

“There can be a resolution to this dispute, but it will only come when the government recognises the need to address long-term pay erosion to stabilise staffing.”