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HCSA launches 2024 manifesto for hospital doctors

HCSA President Dr Naru Narayanan launched its manifesto for hospital doctors with a stark warning that the next government must totally reset its relationship with medical staff.

Clarity on health funding and the need to change the “patronising, top-down attitude” from employers and government are essential to stabilise the NHS, he said in a message to politicians.

The warning coincided with the publication of HCSA’s manifesto, which identified five key themes which an incoming government must address:

  1. Fix medical pay to retain doctors in the NHS
  2. Develop doctors at every stage of the career arc
  3. A robust workforce that recognises doctors’ status
  4. Make the health service a safe place to work
  5. Fund a health service fit for future challenges

It sets out 33 tangible steps to improve retention, recruitment and patient care.

The policy calls range from the abolition of staff car parking charges and reform of student loans, to protection for learning and teaching, an end to the misuse of associate professionals, and action to protect those speaking up on safety concerns.

Dr Narayanan advised that the incoming government needed to understand the issues deeply felt by hospital doctors in order to stabilise the medical workforce.

“There has long been a sense within the profession that hospital doctors are taken for granted and their concerns, whether that be consultants seeing SPA time slashed or junior doctors struggling to even take time off for their wedding, dismissed as unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

“And when we challenge the degradation of terms and conditions, or threats to patient care such as the misuse of associate professionals, we are too often treated like children who do not know their place.

“Whoever wins this election, the reset that is required is fundamental.”

Download the full HCSA manifesto for hospital doctors